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Hire a caricature artist. A caricature artist or caricaturist refers to a special style of portrait artist. A caricature is a portrait or depiction of real-life people. They are not cartoon fabrications of fictional characters. A caricature artist exaggerates the essences or features of the subject while keeping enough information so the subject is still recognizable. Learn more about caricature artists here offers digital caricatures and traditional caricatures in locations around the united states. We specialize in corporate, family and wedding caricatures. We have a convenient search tool to help you find a caricaturist in your town click here.

A fact you can use: on average a caricature artist can create 10-15 black and white faces per hour, about half the number for color caricatures. In other words, one artist will create 30-45 B&W faces over three hours. If you have one hundred guests, you will need two artists to complete all requests.

Not only is famous for it's caricatures artists. We also represent Face Painters in your area. Face Painters are a great way to add even more fun to your event or party. Kids love to have their face painted (and so do adults). So, whether you are looking for a caricature artist or face painter, Goofy Faces is your first stop.